Deliveries and Pickups

  • Where are pickup locations? We have pickup locations in Williamsburg, Ridgewood, Manhattan, Jersey City and Farmingdale
    NY, NJ.
  • What is a pickup minimum? $50.
  • Where do we deliver? 5 boroughs of New York City and 1-hour radius of Jersey City.
  • What if I am more than 1 hour away from Jersey City? We will deliver as long as you are in New Jersey and the delivery minimum will be calculated accordingly.
  • What’s the delivery fee? We do not charge extra fee for delivery but we have order minimums. Delivery minimum varies based on address. It starts at $100 and goes over $200. Further you are from our locations, higher the delivery minimum. Only additional cost might be a toll which is covered by the customer.
  • How to find out your delivery minimum? If you would like to know what is your delivery minimum, you can text us your exact delivery address to our phone # which you received after you requested the menu.
  • Do we deliver outside of New York and New Jersey? No.